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Our company offers DVD and CD' s of music Spiritual, Paleros, Santera, Masses and others to botanical in general. Only US $5.00 for shipping and handling in orders of less than 5 CDs' s. These DVD and CD' s are all related to the religion Yoruba acquired in sites with high tradition santera and mastered in Miami by Bell Record®.
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We guarantee the product we offer, and assure total return in any defective product or if the client is not satisfied with the product purchased. Our company is verified and guaranteed by PayPal®, that is why we show the stamp of guarantee of PayPal® Our site is safe SSL certificate by Godady.com We are not resellers, we have the best prices on the market.

The orders can be paid with PayPal®, or Credit Card, We do not accept other types of payments. Orders of 5 CDs' s or more to US do not pay Shipping and Handling, Orders outside of US. please, send us an E-Mail to calculate the cost of Shipping. We discounts to botanical.

Our offices are in Miami Florida US. To contact us you can do it to our E-mail sales@musicasantera.com If you visit and is not what you are looking for, visit again, because we are adding new daily DVD and CD's in our inventory.

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Special 13 CD's full collection of Lazaro Ros at $ 90.00 with free shipping.